The Day 535 COVID-19 Vaccination Report of India

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The Day 535 COVID-19 Vaccination Report of India confirmed that India’s cumulative COVID Vaccination Coverage reached 1,98,08,49,980 (as per PIB and MoHFW).

New Delhi (ABC Live India): The Day 535 COVID-19 Vaccination Report of India: Today was day 535 of the countrywide COVID-19 vaccination program and the total number of doses given was 1,98,08,49,980 as per PIB.

According to the official data released by MoHFW out of reported 1,97,98,21,197 vaccine doses, 91,79,34,093 were administered as first doses, whereas the remaining 84,45,85,964 doses were second doses to a group of 18+ age. Also till today 6,05,19,574 as first doses and 4,90,38,764 as second doses were given to children of the age group of 15-18 years 3,69,12,764 doses to the age group of 12-14 years as first dose and 2,39,83,173 as second doses and 4,68,46,865 have been administered as booster doses.

The difference between the vaccination data reported by PIB at 7PM by MoHFW at 7AM on 04/07/2022 reported 10,28,783 doses, as reported numbers of vaccine by the PIB is 1,98,08,49,980 and MoHFW is 1,97,95,72,963 as it was reported on 04/07/2022, and the vaccination data released also inscribed the data of first doses given to children of age 12-14 years.

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare informed that COVID19 Vaccination for 12-14 years started on 16/03/2022, and till today 6,11,24,115 doses of COVID-19 Vaccine have been administered.

The ABC Research team reports that it is strange that as per the data provided by the government agencies today the number of doses provided to the states was ZERO doses in a single day, and the number of vaccine doses utilized including wastage  increased to 1,82,34,66,955 from 1,82,32,72,275 which is also an unambiguous data, contrary to vaccination data provided by the government today, as the total number of doses administered today were  10,09,757 therefore by keeping in view the huge ambiguity in the data provided by the government agencies, the ABC Research team has decided to publish a detailed report of India’s vaccination data, that too after proper verification of vaccination data of India.

The ABC Research report of the day 832 says that The CoWIN dashboard, the official website of India's COVID-19 vaccination program confirmed that to date 1,09,87,38,187  persons registered themselves for getting COVID-19 Vaccines, out of these 3,77,08,405 are of the age of 12-14 years, 6,15,21,646 are of the age group of 15-17 years, 63,24,08,841 are of the age group of 18-44 years and the remaining 36,70,36,783 belong to the age group 45+. Further, the CoWIN dashboard data says that against 1,09,87,38,187 registered for vaccination, a total of 1,97,99,01,750 have been vaccinated, meaning thereby that 88,11,63,563 persons were vaccinated more than the registered numbers.

The Ministry of Health and family, the COVID-19 Vaccination Day 535 a total of  vaccine doses 1,98,08,49,980 have been given till today, whereas the as per  COWIN  1,97,99,01,750 doses were administered as of date, out of these  1,01,71,11,132 were the first doses, 91,70,00,258 were the second doses And the remaining 4,57,90,360 were booster doses, meaning thereby there is a difference 9,48,230 vaccine doses in both the vaccine data issued by the government of India's official agencies in favour of the PIB Data.

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