Explained: The Geopolitics of Food Behind Farm Laws 2020

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The food would be on the top of geopolitical agenda in coming years as current levels of investment in agriculture are insufficient to drive the 70% increase in food production necessary to feed 9.1 billion people by 2050

New Delhi (ABC Live India): Nowadays India is witnessing the strongest farmers ‘agitation of recent years, after Indian Parliament enacted three farms law in the month of September 2020.Thereafter  farmers ‘agitation originated in the State of Punjab has been transformed into Farmers Agitation of India (especially Food bowl states of India).

We at ABC Research are keeping constant researching to find out the real objectives of three farms law and Socio-Politico economic reasons responsible for the current national impasse between the Government of India and Protesting Farmers.

In quest for the same our research team in process of accessing various international and national official documents direct and indirect related to agriculture. Today we would like to share may be one of the Geopolitical reasons of present Political Dispensation for enacting three farms law in question.

While doing research ABC Team came across a report, titled, “Geopolitics of Food: implications for ACP” wherein an urgent investment in Agriculture sector has been urged, and concluded that, the food would be on the top of geopolitical agenda in coming years, as world population would reached 9.1 billion by 2050.

“The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the World Food Programme (WFP) predict that the food crisis of 2008, which led to riots and political turmoil in several countries, will be repeated over the coming decades.

It is clear that current levels of investment in agriculture are insufficient to drive the 70% increase in food production necessary to feed 9.1 billion people by 2050. During the fiscal crises in the 1980s and 1990s, agriculture suffered from a reduction in investment that has never been restored despite the increase in the recent years.

With its current level of resources, production of food has to become more efficient (investment in technology, ecologically crop nutrition and protection products…).”

Further ABC Research Team accessed a Report titled “The Emerging Geopolitics of Food” wherein it was emphasised that Food has increasingly become a matter of geopolitics. A growing and ever-wealthier world population, increased biofuel use, and a slowdown of agricultural productivity growth have prompted a tightening of the global food market. In this market setting, harvest failures and policy responses contribute to soaring food prices and increased price volatility.

Today’s global food security challenge differs from the past. The international system is in transition to a multipolar world, in which multiple centers of power compete with each other. In a multipolar world, the international system is characterized by high uncertainty and a higher chance of international tensions.

Concurrently, there is a resurgence of resource nationalism in some countries, which means the state is playing a more pronounced role in the support, ownership and management of businesses and strategic industries, such as agriculture and mining.

Further This report says that the dire food situation in the developing world contrasts sharply with the food situation in developed world and emerging economies, which is characterized by massive food surpluses and obesity epidemics.

Nonetheless, food security is also increasingly becoming a strategic policy priority of governments in developed and emerging economies. This is due to confluent structural factors that are driving up food demand, hampering food supply, and heightening food prices.

ABC Research is publishing the above references for enabling readers for capacity building to understand the complicities of Geopolitics behind the issue and for feedbacks on above referred reports before final ABC Research Report on Farmers’ Agitation in India.

We At ABC Live India is working for publishing a detailed investigative research report on Socio-Politico economic reasons responsible for Farmers Agitations against three Farms Law passed by the Indian Parliament in the month of September 2020(During the COVID-19 Pandemic). And Present Post is a part of ABC Research Team quest for finding the Social reasons for Farmers Agitations.

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